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The Arizona Cardinals may look much different in 2013 without their old stars

A complete rebuild is necessary in Arizona and that may require ridding of some of the franchise's most vaunted pieces.


Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is not the only person currently on the team in danger of losing his job. Anytime your team loses nine games in a row, has losing streaks of at least six games for three seasons straight and loses games by 58 points, changes become necessary.

With that, don't expect Whisenhunt to be the only guy that is looking for work this offseason. The offensive coordinator's, including Mike Miller, will likely be rid of. Running back coaches, quarterback coach John McNulty and, hopefully, offensive line coach Russ Grimm may all be gone.

Then there are players as well. Beanie Wells has been looked at as a bust by many for a long time due to his injury history, but this may finally be the point where the Cardinals grow tired of waiting for him to bloom. Even Ryan Williams, who has been out for basically two full seasons with injuries, could be shipped off.

The quarterback position is completely unsafe. Kevin Kolb will need to restructure his contract to remain on the team. John Skelton will probably be gone. Ryan Lindley may get another year, but given his late draft status, it would not be shocking to see the Cards part with him.

Then you have some of the old school Cardinals, the guys that were on the team during the Super Bowl run. Given Darnell Dockett's recent outburst, does the team trade him to a contender in need of a talented, yet disgruntled defensive tackle? How about Adrian Wilson? He has obviously slowed down at his age and has lost reps to Rashad Johnson and James Sanders at safety this year. Is one of the all-time great Cardinals still wearing red next season?

As much as we don't even want to consider the possibility, is there a chance Larry Fitzgerald gets traded as well? This team may or may not be a couple pieces away from making the playoffs once again, but do they choose to pay Fitz an exorbitant amount of money to keep him on board? They could gain many valuable draft picks in order to fill some large, gaping holes on the rest of their team.

We know that all of these scenarios have run through the front office's mind. One thing that we have learned over the past few years in the NFL is that no one is irreplaceable and there comes a point where a team simply has to go into rebuilding mode.

The Cardinals appear ready to enter that phase. The question is, will they do it with some of the team's most storied players?