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Decision to play Kevin Kolb this season will be 'a medical decision'

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb still has yet to know whether his season is over due to his rib and shoulder injuries.


The decision on whether Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb will play the rest of this season has yet to be made. Darren Urban of CardsChatter has more.

– Whether QB Kevin Kolb could be shut down the rest of the season would be "in part a medical decision." Whiz said he knows what he has in Kolb and he has won. "The biggest thing you have to have … you know you will miss some games but you can’t miss a tremendous amount."

Kolb this season has played in a total of six games this season and hasn't played since October 14th. This season, Kolb completed just around 60% (59.6%) of his passes, throwing eight touchdowns and three interceptions, with Arizona going 4-2 with him as the starter. However, Kolb injured his ribs and sprained his shoulder in the sixth game against the Buffalo Bills, and he hasn't been healthy since.

Kolb has missed the last seven games, and unless his ribs heal up it's unlikely he'll go any further this year. There just isn't enough of a reason to really try and bring him back. The Cardinals are currently 4-9 and are pretty much out of the playoff running. Bringing back Kolb at anything besides full health wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.