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Darnell Dockett gives no vote of confidence to Whisenhunt

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Arizona Cardinals defender Darnell Dockett doesn't seem ready to support head coach Ken Whisenhunt.


The Arizona Cardinals are reeling right now. They started the season 4-0 and have dropped nine straight. There's a very good chance Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt could not be back. Darnell Docket sure doesn't sound ready to support him these final weeks.

"At the end of the day, I will line up and play hard," Dockett said. "Because I love what I do. I know you can’t play this game forever and I’m not going to let all the negativity and negative energy get me down."

Dockett, asked if he still had faith in Whisenhunt, offered only a "no comment." He said he had plenty of motivation to play hard the rest of the season.

"I made a commitment to (defensive coordinator) Ray Horton and my defensive line coach that I would give them everything I got, along with my teammates," Dockett said.

The Cardinals started the season by beating the Seattle Seahawks narrowly at home, then probably issuing the most shocking result of the season by beating the Patriots in Foxboro. After womping the Philadelphia Eagles and narrowly edging out the Miami Dolphins, Arizona's season has taken a nightmarish turn.

First Arizona lost to St. Louis on Thursday night off a bye week, then couldn't close things out against Buffalo at home. They dropped a game to Minnesota before being shut down on Monday night against San Francisco. And the losses went on and on, dropping games to Green Bay, Atlanta, St. Louis and the Jets. All this culminated with the absolute humiliation Arizona suffered against Seattle this past Sunday.