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Ken Whisenhunt apologizes to fans

Ken Whisenhunt felt it was necessary to begin his Sunday post-game press conference with an apology to the fans following the Cardinals' 58-0 defeat.

Kevin Casey

Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt took the time to apologize to the fans after Arizona's "embarrassing" 58-0 loss set a record for the worst defeat in the history of the faulty franchise.

The loss, which was Arizona's ninth straight after their 4-0 start, was by the second largest margin in a shutout since the AFL/NFL merger. Sunday's margin also eclipsed the previously long-standing record of the Whisenhunt era (a 47-7 loss to New England in 2008) by a whopping 18 points.

With statistics like that, it's understandable that Whisenhunt also had to address his job security following the defeat. Here's what the winningest head coach in Cardinals history had to say about the potential of being fired:

"We all know this business...I've been in it a long time as a player and a coach. I'm not worried about that."

Whisenhunt went on to add that his team owes it to the fans "to give them a better product" before jokingly asking a reporter if he plays when questioned who the quarterback would be this upcoming week.

Then again, Whisenhunt might not even be around to make that decision when the Detroit Lions head into town next Sunday.