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The good and the bad from the Cardinals/Seahawks blowout

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A look at the game and the rest of the league "the morning after"


The Arizona Cardinals added to their season's misery, losing their ninth straight game. But it wasn't the loss alone that was miserable. It was they way in which they lost. The Cardinals suffered the worst loss in the history of their franchise (and it is an old franchise) by falling 58-0 to the Seattle Seahawks.

The good:

You laugh? Of course you do. Naturally there was nothing good about the game for the Cardinals. Well, there were a couple of things.

Patrick Peterson got another pick

Peterson, while he has struggled in the return game this season, has really been solid in coverage. He picked up his sixth interception of the season in one of the only positive plays the entire game for the Cardinals.

The team's draft status improved

Now, I do not encourage or support losing, but if losing is what is going to happen anyway, then it is good to improve the spot in the draft. The Cards now would have the eighth pick in the draft. With the last three games not looking particularly winnable (and they should try to win and play to win....I just don't think they can), Arizona could have a top-5 pick. The last time that happened, they landed Patrick Peterson, which has worked out quite well.

No major injuries

Unlike other games where major contributors have been lost (Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Levi Brown, Lyle Sendlein, Todd Heap, Beanie Wells, Ryan Williams), it looks like the team came away from the game fairly healthy

...And that was it.

The bad:

You laughed again...this section could be a veritable dissertation with all that went wrong. Just to highlight a few:

The defense fell apart

This was the most disturbing of all the happenings. All season, the defense has been what has held up the team. They looked AWFUL. They gave up almost 500 yards, they surrendered 58 points (well, not ALL 58 points), they gave up 100 yards rushing to two running backs and 100 yards to a receiver. They tackled poorly and covered poorly. It was terrible and it looked like they quit on the coaching staff.

John Skelton showed he is not the present or future of the team

Skelton got another shot to start at quarterback after losing it to injury and then poor play. With a chance to show the coaching staff and the league that he is ready to step up, he looked just as bad as he has all season, going 11/22 fir 74 yards and FOUR INTERCEPTIONS! That gives him nine interceptions to go with only two touchdown passes this season.

The offense did nothing, even in garbage time

Most teams can at least put up some decent garbage time numbers. Arizona couldn't even do that. They had 154 yards of offense for the entire game.

Ken Whisenhunt has no answers

He actually apologized to the fans. He had to apologize. He also resorted to asking a media member if he played football when asked who would start at quarterback next week.

The Fitzgerald family is restless

Larry Fitzgerald's family is making noise. He brother Marcus is calling for Larry's trade. Larry's father called the team's effort "pathetic" and referenced when he moved Larry from one high school to another after a similar drubbing and effort. He obviously can't move Larry, but things are getting tenuous for the team's superstar


Around the rest of the league

  • Is there any team as confusing and maddening as the New York Giants? Once again, come the postseason, you have to think that they are the team to fear the most in the NFC
  • The Bears better watch out or they might just play themselves out of the playoff race. Say what you want about Jay Cutler, he is the only glue keeping that team together.
  • Before we all declare that the Redskins have two stud rookie quarterbacks, just realize that Kirk Cousins has no film on him. John Skelton also won some games in clutch situations. Is he going to be starting in the NFL next year?
  • Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning. Who exactly should be the Comeback Player of the Year? And who should be the MVP? They both have been that good.
  • Don't look now, but the Dallas Cowboys are starting to gain some traction.
  • Could the Rams, who have yet to lose a divisional game, make the postseason? They sit and 6-6-1. That would be one unexpected rise.