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Alex Smith and Michael Vick would be poor fits for the Arizona Cardinals

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Many have speculated that both Alex Smith and Michael Vick may be available for trade or via free agency in the offseason. Should the Arizona Cardinals consider picking one of them up?

Christian Petersen

With the woeful season that the Philadelphia Eagles are having, it would come as no surprise should the franchise start from scratch in the offseason. Head coach Andy Reid has presumably coached his last season with the team and quarterback Michael Vick is being rumored to possibly get the boot as well.

On the flip side, you have the San Francisco 49ers. Considered one of the league's best teams and a possible Super Bowl contender, the 49ers recently made a change at the QB position, inserting second year man Colin Kaepernick into the lineup in exchange for the veteran, Alex Smith. Smith struggled in his early years with the 49ers, but has been quite good since Jim Harbaugh became coach. After Smith was out against the Bears with a concussion, Kaepernick took the job and it does not appear that he is going to give it back.

So if both Vick and Smith hit the open market either via trade or free agency, should the Cardinals have any interest in signing either of them? I say no.

For Vick, I think he would struggle mightily in Arizona. He currently sits behind a poor pass protecting line in Philly and would only be coming to a worse one here in the desert. He is constantly injured and has never played a full season in his entire career. The Cards already have a former Eagle that can never stay on the field in Kevin Kolb, so I don't know why they would want another one.

Smith has only shown that he can have success in Harbaugh's system, which features a running game and quick, short passes out of the west coast design. To me, he is not really an upgrade over Kolb, who the Cardinals already have under contract. Plus, having Smith would require a trade, which the Cardinals should not give in to. There is no need to surrender draft picks for an average QB.

So if these guys become available, I think the Cards should look the other way. If they are looking to make a change at quarterback, it should be through the draft. Tyler Wilson is a nice name. But Vick and Smith? No thanks.