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Cardinals LT Nate Potter impresses vs. Packers

The tackle position for the Cardinals has been a revolving door of stop-gaps. Rookie outside tackle Nate Potter, was inserted to Sunday's game versus Green Bay and managed to keep a three-time Pro Bowl player away from Arizona's quarterback.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals may have lost on Sunday, but coach Ken Whisenhunt was able to find one bright spot at tackle with rookie Nate Potter. Potter was inserted in to the game against Green Bay after a less-than-stellar early effort by starting left tackle D'Anthony Batiste. Upon entering the game, Potter was matched up against the flowing blonde locks of Packers star Clay Matthews.

Once in the game, Potter was successful at keeping Matthews from sacking Cardinals' quarterback John Skelton. Whisenhunt wouldn't go as far as anointing Potter the permanent replacement, but he is giving the rookie from Boise State another shot at possibly locking up the position.

Arizona has gone into their bye week looking to make a change, or several changes, to regain the form of the team that started the season 4-0. Whisenhunt made it very clear that no one is guaranteed their spot as the team continues to struggle. The Cardinals have 13 days to impress the coach before taking on the undefeated Atlanta Falcons.