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Kurt Warner as the Cardinals' offensive coordinator's assistant would make sense

Given Warner's roots with the team and the fact that he already lives in the Valley, it would make sense if Kurt Warner joined the Cardinals coaching staff.

Christian Petersen

Sometimes the media likes to read into things athletes say or tweet a bit too far, but other times, one just has to wonder.

On Tuesday, former Cardinals and Rams quarterback Kurt Warner tweeted this out to his almost 300,000 followers:

Obviously this is likely a tweet that he released just for fun, but what if it's not? Most credit Warner's ability to call plays, change them at the line of scrimmage and run the offense as the reason the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl. In that, many believe it was not in fact Todd Haley that was the key to the team's success on the offensive end, but that it was Warner.

With the rumblings that a major shakeup could be in store for the Cardinals coaching staff, wouldn't it make sense for Warner to come back? No, not as the quarterback. But how about as an assistant to the offensive coordinator or as a "creative offensive consultant"?

Think about it: Warner already lives right here in the Phoenix area. He has a good relationship with the Cardinals organization, including head coach Ken Whisenhunt, whom he played under. He knows how the NFL works and what it takes to be successful in the league. Plus, he is an offensively gifted person.

The idea is far from tangible at this point and probably has no legs to run on. But hey, Cardinals fans can always wonder, right? After all, the last time Warner was a part of this franchise, the team did have a good amount of success.