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The 2012 Cardinals are dead, and even Larry Fitzgerald knows it

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The star wide receiver doesn't have many answers after the team's seventh straight loss.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Cardinals have been a team held together with a bond of optimism. Last season, they rallied from a 1-6 start to finish 8-8. They started the year 4-0, winning games in dramatic fashion. But the magic seems to have ended, and the optimism is waning. Even Larry Fitzgerald is now finding it hard to answer the same questions every week.

"I've pretty much lost the words now," he said to reporters after the game. "I keep saying the same thing."

In my recollection, he has never sounded or looked so hopeless. His body language showed the weight of a team that hasn't won in two months.

To make things worse, Fitz wasn't even able to contribute much. He was targeted 12 times, but only had three catches for 31 yards, and this is following up a one catch, 11 yard game against the Falcons. Not only is the team losing, but he is not getting his numbers, which must be frustrating even for him.

Sitting at 4-7, the season is over. I am not saying that the Cards should give up and tank -- I never would say that because it is just depressing to watch. But even I have reached the point that I recognize that with how things are going, the playoffs are out of the question, and that was the goal from the beginning. Sure, they could win a few more games if things get going, but they will have to win out to even think about sniffing the postseason.

So, in terms of what Larry wants, the season is done. It died on November 25.

Some of you might say they have been dead for some time. You might be right. If that is the case, then the Rams simply buried their corpses.

Either way, whether it was the fatal blow or the last bit of dirt on the grave, the Rams had the final say.

Goodbye, 2012 season. The hopes for you were so great.

Like so many season in years past, Cardinals fans are now left to look forward and say, "wait until next year."