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Arizona Cardinals happy to have defensive depth

The Arizona Cardinals have developed some depth at defense, as evidenced by Reggie Walker switching from inside to outside linebacker.

Adam Bettcher

The Arizona Cardinals put on one of their best defensive performances of the year against the Atlanta Falcons, but despite that they were unable to snap Arizona's six game losing streak. They'll try to build on that performance when they face the St. Louis Rams in Week 12, but they will also have in mind the 17-3 victory the Rams took in Week 5.

Defensive coordinator Ray Horton has made some moves since then, and though he has yet to find a winning formula, he's committed to trying whatever will work. Reggie Walker, generally a backup at inside linebacker, spent some time at outside linebacker in the loss to Atlanta. Horton spoke about trying different things at a recent practice:

"I was thinking about the depth. For me right now it is really a security blanket for the defense. I don't care who's in the game. I haven't seen anybody really perform poorly in a substitute role. What I hope is with Quentin [Groves], he gets in and dominates. He had a sack and a blocked punt against New England. James Sanders picked up a fumble. Guys continue to make plays. O'Brien Schofield last year, Sam Acho last year when they stepped in and guys tend to take advantage of the opportunity that they get. Reggie played well. He's playing two positions for us. He'll do the same thing this week."

The Cardinals held Sam Bradford to a just a 33-percent completion rate in Week 4, but the Rams defense was able to prevent Arizona's offense from capitalizing, and St. Louis was able to take the win. Arizona's offensive struggles continue, so a repeat performance by the defense will be key to any win.

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