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Return of Beanie Wells will be shot in the arm for Arizona offense

Despite the success of LaRod Stephens-Howling, there has been a missing dimension


Beanie Wells is finally returning from injury. Many fans have already given up on him, saying he is just too injury prone to count on in the league. There certainly is that argument, as he has missed games every single due to injury. However, his toughness should not be questioned, considering he played most of the 2011 season on one good leg.

Yet regardless the opinion one may have about how long he will last, his return is good for the Cardinals.

In the first three weeks of the season, he was not particularly effective -- only 76 yards on 29 carries. But the offense looked different. The team was able to sustain drives, at least more often.

When he went down against the Eagles, I remember talking to another member of the media and commenting that even when Beanie is in there and not producing, the offense just looks better. And guess what, since he was hurt, the Cards barely got a win over Miami and then lost six straight.

That is no coincidence.

Will Beanie Wells solve every problem the Cardinals are having? No. But his presence alone will help. Having both him and LSH could potentially produce a great running combo, which should make things a little easier for the quarterback.

In the end, Arizona got better without Beanie even getting a single carry, It just became a little more difficult to game plan for them with his simply being in the backfield.

He might not rush for 228 yards on Sunday against the Rams. He might not even get 100. But he just made the offense better.