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Arizona Cardinals 'should have won' against Falcons, according to Sam Acho

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While he's surely not the only one to think it, Cardinals LB Sam Acho spoke on behalf of the entire Arizona defense Sunday and said that they felt they "should have won" against the Atlanta Falcons.

Scott Cunningham

Sometimes the team that deserves to win a game isn't necessarily the one who receives the W. That's what Arizona Cardinals linebacker Sam Acho believes happened Sunday, according to Arizona Sports' Dave Dulberg.

The Cardinals lost their sixth-straight game Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons overcame six turnovers to bounce back from a 13-0 hole and win 23-19. After the game, Acho, who snagged one of the five interceptions from Matt Ryan, shared his feelings on the outcome:

"The most frustrating part is this was a game we should have won...There are some games where you say you should have won, and there are other games where hands down everyone in the locker room and everyone in the stadium knows you should have won. That's the toughest part about games like [Sunday's]."

Acho went on to say even though the Cardinals' defense had arguably their finest performance of the season, the unit still came up "one stop too short."

Then again, another stop might not have been necessary if Arizona's offense wasn't such a lost cause. With rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley taking over in the second quarter, the Cardinals only manged seven first downs on the day, going 2-for-16 on third down. Lindley also spotted the Falcons a free seven points with one of his fumbles beings brought to the house.

Still, Acho realizes that if he and the other 10 men that play on that side of the ball continue to perform like they did Sunday, the wins may yet come:

"We are going through a lot of adversity right now, but if we played the way we played today every other game, we have nothing to be ashamed of."