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Arizona Cardinals offensive line rated league's worst

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Cardinals fans know how bad their team's offensive line is, and one website rates it as the worst in the NFL.

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The Arizona Cardinals have struggled up front all season, so much so that they have been the worst offensive line in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. The Cardinals have been bad in all phases, with 25 sacks allowed and just 3.4 yards per carry.

PFF has the Cardinals O-line rated at the bottom in pass and run blocking and seems to be surprised that Arizona has not found a way to improve this year:

Things haven’t got much better for the Cardinals, who by some distance still have the worst offensive line in the league. Nate Potter got some action and it’s unlikely we’ve seen the last of him as D’Anthony Batiste is still our worst-ranked tackle in the league by some distance. How this line remains such a mess is inexcusable.

The offensive line has been a big reason why Arizona has lost five straight games after a 4-0 start. The Cardinals have struggled on offense overall, as they are ranked 31st in yards per game, tied for last in yards per play and 31st in scoring.

Arizona will have to improve up front if it wants a shot at breaking its losing streak this weekend. The Cardinals face the 8-1 Atlanta Falcons, who are sixth in the NFL in sacks.