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The Arizona Cardinals, barring something unforeseen, should remain quiet around the trade deadline

The Arizona Cardinals will probably remain in the shadows for Thursday's trade deadline.

Bob Levey

The Arizona Cardinals need some help along the offensive line. And at running back. And maybe quarterback, too.

But that doesn't mean that they are going to get that much needed assistance this year.

The team has lost their last four games in a row after starting the season 4-0 and many believe that is due to the declining play along the front five. The tackles are rated among the worst in the league and the whole unit often looks in disarray.

So will the Cardinals make a move at the deadline to shore up the position? That is unlikely. Ken Whisenhunt commented on how he hates having to part with draft picks, making the likelihood that they ship one off for a veteran lineman or running back unlikely. Via Arizona Sports 620's Adam Green:

"We've done so well with our draft picks over the last couple of years and we've built a good core group of young guys that you want to continue to build to that," Whisenhunt said. "That's how you have success in this league."

Giving up picks for a player hardly makes sense, either. Many have reported that the team has inteerest in veteran tackle Bryant McKinnie, but his age puts him at a point where the Cards would simply be renting him for a year or two. As for Jake Long, it would take multiple draft picks and a huge contract to keep him on board past this season.

The running back position, despite being so thin, is hardly the issue with this team. The backs are fine, it is the line that is not getting them any push to go anywhere past the line of scrimmage. Dealing for Steven Jackson or Deangelo Williams would strip the team of useful picks as well.

Making trades in the NFL is not really a popular thing, either. There are not the type of blockbuster deals going down that you see in the MLB or NBA. Teams would rather build from the ground up, not taking cap hits by acquiring veteran players via trade. Making more sense of it all is ESPN's Andrew Brandt, who wrote this terrific piece.

So if there is movement, don't expect it to be anything major. A deep on the depth chart lineman or back would make sense, but the team would rather sign a free agent than surrender any type of compensation. The Cardinals should keep all of their picks to draft a lineman or another running back.

And honestly, that is probably the way they will go.