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NFL power rankings 2012: Cardinals take a tumble after first loss of the season

The Arizona Cardinals were brought back down to earth after their first loss of the season and find themselves still in the top 10 but a long ways from their original perch

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals finally suffered a loss and they paid the price for it in the power rankings. Considered the most suspect of the remaining undefeated teams, the Cardinals fell to the division rival St. Louis Rams and couldn't keep quarterback Kevin Kolb from being pummeled. It opened a lot of eyes into this team and the next couple of weeks will tell a lot about this team's inner fabric.

ESPN dropped the Cardinals four spots to No. 9 and pointed out just how bad the running game has been this season. The Cardinals ranked last in yards per carry before losing Ryan Williams for the season.

CBS Sports dropped the Cardinals six spots from to No. 9 and dropped a gauntlet on the offensive line.

"They have to protect Kevin Kolb better. That was horrible at St. Louis. He might not make it through the season."

SB Nation dropped the Cardinals three spots to No. 9 but did put a positive spin on what was a surprising start to the season.

"Finally, the Cardinals have lost a game. They were the third remaining undefeated team in the NFL. Did you ever think you'd say that about Arizona?"

Now, the real fight continues in an all-of-a-sudden competitive NFC West.