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Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt likes Kevin Kolb's toughness

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Arizona Cardinals received their first loss courtesy of the St. Louis Rams. Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb earned his time in the ice bath after the game. Kolb was sacked nine times for a game total loss of 52 yards. Earlier in the season, Kolb's toughness was brought into question by former teammate, now Raider, Tommy Kelly. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt made a point to address the toughness issue in an interview with Arizona Sports 620:

"When you get hit as many times as [Kolb] did, he battled his tail off," head coach Ken Whisenhunt told Arizona Sports 620's Doug & Wolf. "You respect that, and he certainly answered the question about his durability and being able to handle that."

Whisenhunt is still baffled at having had to answer that question when it first surfaced. Kolb's toughness wasn't a problem in the locker room. No one needed the quarterback to have a physically punishing game before buying into Kolb.

Kolb and the Cardinals are back in action on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills (2-3-0). The Bills are looking to save face after being crushed by the 49ers, 45-3 on Sunday.