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Ken Whisenhunt not surprised by Cardinals 4-0 start

Ken Whisenhunt discussed his teams success and their quarterback situation with the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday.

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Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt joined the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday morning to discuss his team's success to start the year, what to do when John Skelton returns from injury, and how Kevin Kolb has played this year compared to last year.

How surprised are you that your team is 4-0?:

"I'm not surprised. I think when you win seven of your last nine games last season and you get a lot of the same guys back, you feel pretty good about having a strong start. That was one of our focuses in the offseason and so far we've done OK."

In regards to John Skelton, coach Whisenhunt noted that he will use whatever quarterback gives them the best chance to win, and will have to reevaluate when John Skelton returns form injury.

Some coaches say you can't lose your job due to an injury. With your quarterback spot, is it possible that the injured John Skelton has lost his job to Kevin Kolb?:

"I don't know about that policy. I hear people talking about that all the time. I think what we've always done is we base our decisions on what player gives us the best chance to win. I think we've been pretty consistent with that. And I guess, over the last 13 games, it's worked out pretty well for us."

Whisenhunt was asked whether or not Kolb is the starter moving forward, which he noted was a week-by-week decision:

Is Kolb your starter?:

"Well, he's going to start this game. We know that. Until John's healthy and ready to go, we don't really have to make a decision. ... I'm sure that, at some point, we're going to have to make a decision. But we had to make a decision in training camp. I remember a lot of people kept saying, ‘Well, you've got to make a decision by Week 2 or you've got a decision by Week 3.' We are going to make that decision when that chance comes up. And like I said, we're going to go with the player we think gives us the best chance to win."

Although he doesn't specifically say anything he is or isn't doing better, Whisenhunt had high praise for the play of Kolb so far this year.

How different is Kolb this year?:

"He's done a nice job for us. When we made the decision to go with John at the start of the season, we said, ‘The chances of a quarterback making it through the whole year are not good.' We thought we would make it through at least one game maybe, but Kevin's done exactly what we thought he would do. He's coming in; he's played well. And you've got to give him credit for that."

The Cards take on the St. Louis Rams Thursday night from the Edward Jones Dome. Kickoff is set for 5:20 p.m. PT with coverage on the NFL Network.