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NFL power rankings, week 9: Cardinals continue swoon

The Arizona Cardinals were once a top four team in the power rankings before losing their past four games and falling out of the race to be elite.

Christian Petersen

It all comes back to that start. That 4-0 start that seems so long ago as the Arizona Cardinals have dropped four straight and are a .500 team continuing to fall further and further down the league hierarchy of teams. Injuries have played a part in the free fall, but the Cardinals failed to show up against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football and have not shown any signs of righting the ship anytime soon.

And the power rankings have taken notice. has the Cardinals down one spot to No. 17 behind the likes of a surprising Indianapolis Colts team playing with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.

SB Nation kept the Cardinals at No. 16 due to the movement around them but said simply: "You're probably wondering how this team got off to a 4-0 start."

CBS Sports dropped the Cardinals two spots to No. 20 and didn't hold back any punches. That "nice little start looks more like a mirage now." They pointed out how the offensive line play has limited everything the offense has tried to do this season.