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Monday Night Football: Where memorable (and not so memorable) Cardinals moments happen

What will Monday night bring this time?

Christian Petersen

The entire football world will have the game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers on the television. As it seems to happen, when the Cardinals find themselves on Monday Night Football, they are playing the Niners. In fact, six of the last seven times the Cards have been on MNF it has been against San Fran.

Now, the question of the day is -- what will happen this time?

The last three times Arizona has been on Monday night, something memorable has happened. In 2010, it was Derek Anderson's postgame blowup when asked about smiling/laughing on the sideline with Deuce Lutui. We learned just how seriously he takes things.

The time before was when the 49ers ran out of time at the goalline after running the ball near the goalline with a backup player, who was stopped short.

Go back a little further and then you have the Cards' meltdown against the eventual NFC champion Chicago Bears. They held a big lead that disappeared until finally the Bears won it. The ensuing press conference was coach Denny Green giving the famous "The Bears are who we thought they were...if you want to crown them..." tirade.

This time around, what will it be, and will it be for something on the field or off of it?