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NFL Week 8, Cardinals Vs. 49ers: Kevin Kolb taking rib injury in stride

The Arizona Cardinals QB understands that he has to remain patient with his latest ailment.


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb is fighting through the adversity he's faced in the 2012 NFL season, the latest being a rib injury – detached ribs to be exact – that he suffered against the Buffalo Bills. The injury caused him to scale back his willingness to play through any injury and meet this latest challenge with patience.

The well-doucmented quarterback competition between Kolb and Week 1 starter John Skelton has forced Kolb into the understanding that his opportunity to earn the distinction of the Cardinals' lead signal-caller was indeed a privilege. He approached every game as if it were a unique opportunity to prove himself.

"My focus is week to week," Kolb said. "There's no doubt in my mind that I am doing my best to come back this year."

He was hurt on what could be labeled as a freak play, where two Bills defenders jumped squarely on top of him. When it happened, he knew he couldn't play through it despite his strong desire to do so, and chalked it up to being part of the harsh reality of life in the NFL.

"You just have to make it through," he added. "Because the ones that persevere are the ones with long careers."