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NFL Week 8, Arizona Cardinals: John Skelton's mistake overshadowed big game

John Skelton completed 69 percent of his passes for the Arizona Cardinals and looked solid, but one interception was the difference.


Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt said that one play by John Skelton overshadowed what was an otherwise strong performance. It's an obvious case when that one mistake was a interception returned for a touchdown that statistically was the difference in a 21-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings last week.

Said Whisenhunt, according to

"[Skelton] did some really good things, made some good throws and was good in the pocket. But, [the interception] is the kind of thing you have to eliminate."

Skelton threw for 256 yards and a touchdown to go with the interception, and avoiding turnovers might be a bigger factor than any completion percentage or total yardage by a game's end.

Kevin Kolb threw only three interceptions in five games for the Cardinals. He threw two in an overtime victory against the Miami Dolphins and another in an overtime loss to the Buffalo Bills.

With the San Francisco 49ers and their intimidating defense on deck, the turnover margin for Skelton will be paramount in the Cardinals coming away with a victory.