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Cardinals vs. Vikings 2012: Finding the positives in Arizona's third straight loss

Revenge of the Birds found five things the Arizona Cardinals can build on in Sunday's loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Hannah Foslien

After a blazing hot start to the 2012 season, the Arizona Cardinals have quickly began to head in the wrong direction, losing their third straight game Sunday afternoon to the Minnesota Vikings, 21-14.

With the Minnesota Vikings being a surprising yet talented team in their own right, everyone realized the Cardinals were going to have a difficult time pulling off the upset, especially on the road. So with that in mind, Revenge of the Birds decided to take a glass half full approach and to try to find the positives in the defeat.

Some of the things that the Cardinals should build on were their ability to run the ball Sunday (LaRod Stephens-Howling finished with a career-high 104 yards) and their "bend don't break defense" that held quarterback Christian Ponder to only eight completions and 58 yards.

Additionally, the site also felt that overall the Cardinals were the better team on the field Sunday. Here's what user GreaZzy had to say on the subject:

"This is not meant as a slight to Minnesota at all ... However, on Sunday the Cardinals were the better team in nearly every facet, save the final score. Even with Adrian Peterson gaining 153 yards (seriously, that guy kills the Cards), Arizona was able to outgain Minnesota by almost 150. We're it not for a horrible decision by Skelton on the Harrison Smith interception return for a touchdown, and an untimely (and unfortunate) fumble while the Cardinals were driving and in field goal range, Arizona may have just won.

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