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2012 NFL power rankings: Cardinals still fighting doubters of their fast start

The Arizona Cardinals are one of only three undefeated teams after four weeks of play but they seem to be getting the least amount of respect of the three

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Questions still surround the Arizona Cardinals as they have entered the top six of CBS, ESPN and SB Nation's power rankings and yet doubt and hesitance seem to abound when speaking about this team.

Are they really this good or just lucky? Will their flaws eventually catch up to them? Some are spending time praising their efforts while others are waiting for their downfall. Either way, they're in the top six because they have found ways to win their first four games - and only two other teams can say the same thing.

ESPN left the Cardinals at No. 5, mentioning that the Cards are the first NFL team since the 1941 Giants to go 4-0 without reaching 300 net yards in any game.

CBS left the Cards at No. 3, both with doubts as to if we know how good this team is and props for having late-game magic against the Dolphins.

SB Nation moved the Cards up three spots to No. 6 but is still wary of their flawed running game and offensive line. But they know they can't put them much further down as long as they keep winning games.