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Flo Rida helps Cardinals to 4-0 start

A song by the rapper Flo Rida relaxed kicker Jay Feely prior to him kicking the game-winning field goal that beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

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Players are with each other so much, inside jokes have to be intertwined into the everyday happenings amongst them.

That came to be at the most crucial moment of the Arizona Cardinals overtime win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday between holder Dave Zastudil and kicker Jay Feely. Feely spoke with Doug and Wolf on KTAR in Phoenix about the inside joke, his personal foul penalty that was called during a kickoff on Sunday and more.

The inside joke is centered around a mutual liking for a Flo Rida song that came about during the preseason. It just so happened to be exactly what Feely was thinking about - and singing about - right before he kicked the game-winning field goal.

In preseason, there's a Flo Rida song where they whistle. And [Zastudil] and I went out to kick a field goal in one of the preseason games and we both happened to be whistling the song because they played it in pregame warmups, and we were laughing at ourselves. So now whenever I want to kind of make a joke and get us to laugh, I'll start whistling that song. And so I started singing it right as I was taking my steps back ... I literally started singing it as I was taking my steps back, and he looked back at me and he smiled, and he said, ‘I knew he was going to make the kick when he did that.'

Feely did make the kick. But he also made a mistake earlier in the game when he was called for an unnecessary roughness penalty during a kickoff. He was attempting to use a tactic that the Cardinals are trying to use more often but was flagged. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt wasn't happy but it was understood what Feely was trying to do.

We talked about what happened. Obviously he's not happy about the 15 yards, neither am I. Because that gives them a good starting position when you're coming out of the half and you want to pin them back. But it's a play that we talked about trying to implement. If they're going to try and short set we're not going to let them peel back and block our guys. And I'm willing to do that - I'm going to do that again next time if they short set.

You can catch the entire Feely interview here.

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