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NFL Week 7, Arizona Cardinals: O'Brien Schofield trying to channel his inner DeMarcus Ware

Cardinals pass rusher O'Brien Schofield has long admired DeMarcus Ware and this year, he's trying to emulate him.

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Christian Petersen

Arizona Cardinals outside linebacker O'Brien Schofield shared with the Arizona Republic's Sarah McLellan that he considers the standard for pass-rushers to be the Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware.

According to McLellan, Schofield often search's out Ware's total on the NFL sack leaderboard each week. Here's what the third year pass rusher had to say on the matter:

"Every year he's been consistently getting like 14-plus sacks...So to look at a guy like that and watch what type of impact he's had on the game, not just pass rush but just creating havoc on the run, that's what I really want to improve this year."

Schofield has been steadily improving his sack numbers since entering the league in 2010. As a rookie, he compiled two in ten games played. In 2011, he saw action in all 16 and logged 4.5. But in 2012, Schofield is well on his way to setting a new career-high for himself with four sacks through the first six games of the season.

Much of that Schofield credits to a new mindset in which he believes you must consciously understand your desires as a player and then "put forth that energy every single day to perfect that and work on that."

And if Schofield keeps it up, it shouldn't be long before he begins approaching the level of J.J. Watt, his former teammate at Wisconsin who he sees at the top of the sack list when he often goes searching for Mr. Ware.