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Cardinals Vs. Bills: A gut wrenching loss, something Arizona fans are not used to

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The magic that had filled University of Phoenix Stadium could not overcome all the mistakes this time.

Norm Hall - Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are going to regret this loss. It was a game they had no business losing, and it is very untimely. They have a four-game stretch now on the schedule that, on paper, is not unreasonable to say they could end up 0-4 on.

The magic just wasn't quite enough this time. With about three minutes in the game, you could smell overtime, even though the Cards were down three points. As so often has happened, the Cardinals had a chance. Then Kevin Kolb gets hurt. The script was written. In Week 1, after Skelton went down with a sprained ankle, Kevin Kolb marched the team down the field and scored the winning touchdown.

With Kolb leaving with a rib injury, it was time for Skelton to return the favor. He hit the big fourth down throw to Larry Fitzgerald. He didn't complete another pass, but then Jay Feely comes in and hits the 61-yard kick. AMAZING! It would have been good from 65.

Overtime it would be. Magic.

Only then, the Cardinals used their timeouts and forced a punt. The Bills punted poorly trying to avoid Patrick Peterson and the Cardinals had the ball almost at midfield.

John Skelton brought his fourth quarter magic back again and hit Larry Fitzgerald for 28 yards and it looked like it was another perfect ending for the Cardinals in a close game.

Jay Feely comes in for a 38-yarder and you think that it is a chip shot since he just hit one from 61. Unfortunately, it was tipped and then the ball hit the upright and fell down just in front of he crossbar.

Overtime it would be...and everyone knew that the win was there for the Cards. They forced the Bills to punt, but the magic ended there. A run stuffed for no gain. Then an incomplete pass on a screen pass to LaRod Stephens-Howling. That play should have gotten at least a first down. It looked just like the one that he scored on against Dallas last season. When that play didn't work, the magic ended, because the next play Skelton was picked off.

Rian Lndell hit the field goal and the Cardinals finally lost at home. They had won eight straight. They had won five straight in overtime. No magic. No win. No happy faces.

The script did not get followed. Skelton didn't have the big overtime throw. Feely missed a kick. LSH drops an easy pass.

It was a game they should have lost, based on their play for three quarters, but they still almost won. But they didn't. You have to wonder about the next four games. They face Minnesota on the road, San Francisco on Monday Night Football at home, and then on the road in Green Bay and then in Atlanta. Unless they get things going, the Cards could be looking at 4-6.

Jay Feely said it best. "I probably won't go to will gnaw at you and eat you," he said. "Even tomorrow. Once tomorrow is over, you have to put it beside you. You have to move forward and get ready for Minnesota."

Hopelly the team does just that.

But for tonight, it sucks to be an Arizona Cardinals fan.