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Arizona Cardinals, Week 6: Fitzgerald to make sure team doesn't overlook Bills

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After a subpar performance last week, the Cardinals can't underestimate a struggling but talented Buffalo Bills team

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

The Cardinals had a wake-up call on Sunday when their undefeated season came to an end at the hands of the division rival St. Louis Rams to a tune of 17-3.

The offense embarrassed itself with a paltry 282 yards and they aren't sitting on their hands thinking it was an aberration. They are taking it for what it is and getting back to work.

"How can you be over-confident after scoring three points in a game?," Larry Fitzgerald said to Arizona Sports when asked if the Bills' struggling defense could present a different kind of challenge for the Cardinals offense. "How can you? That's not the attitude we have right now."

After a performance like that, the Cardinals have a newly cemented chip on their shoulder. A poor performance against a division rival can do that to you. It's left a bad taste in these birds' mouths. They were already considered the weakest among the remaining undefeated teams and to go out not-swinging is not how they want to be remembered and not how they are approaching their next game against the Buffalo Bills.

"We have the ‘we have to prove ourselves' attitude and we do. After putting a bad performance like that on national TV we have a lot that we need to improve on, and we need to go out there and show that we're capable of executing at that level."

Fitzgerald and the Cardinals will have a chance to right the ship against a struggling Bills team on Sunday.