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Arizona Cardinals injury report: QB John Skelton 'could play Sunday'

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The quarterback is probably as healthy as he is going to get during the season

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals quarterback John Skelton has missed the last four games with an ankle injury he suffered in Week 1. After practice on Wednesday, he said that playing on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills would be a possibiilty.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt first addressed Skelton's health, saying "it's getting better every day." "I don't think he's 100 percent yet," said Whiz. "That's what we're trying to figure out in practice."

There was no talk about whether he could start instead of Kevin Kolb, who took over for Skelton and has since played well and won football games. Previously, Whisenhunt has refused to discuss the scenario because while Skelton is hurt there is no need to.

However, it does sound like that Skelton could play. as he said as much to reporters. He said that his ankle is "probably in the 90s." Could he play? "I guess if need be I could play on Sundy," was his response.

The most revealing comment tells us, though, that he isn't going to get any healthier than he is now. "It will probably be like this (in the 90s) for a while until I give it time to really rest and settled down," he said.

Essentially, he can play football. It won't be until the offseason that he really gets it rest. This means that the coaching staff and Skelton are using his not being 100 percent as an excuse to keep riding Kolb as the starter. Considering the way the team has been playing, there isn't really any chance that Kolb gets sent back to the bench anyway.

Will we see Skelton play? Only if Kolb gets hurt, struggles or if the team starts losing. Then it will be an easy thing to go back to Skelton, saying he gets his starting job back.

For now, don't expect anything to change. And truth be told, it is a good situation to be in for the team.