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Peyton Manning To The Cardinals? One Former GM Thinks It Makes Sense

After another season of average to mediocre play at the quarterback position, the Arizona Cardinals might considering looking at someone new. Kevin Kolb has struggled to stay on the field, and while John Skelton has been competent when he plays, he's not the guy you think of as the player you want to hitch your wagons to as your starting quarterback.

Why not Peyton Manning? If the Colts can't make Manning work, they will have to be ready to move him.

One former NFL GM seems to think that would make plenty of sense. Charley Casserly of CBS Sports has this to say.

"Right now there have been absolutely no discussions according to the Manning camp between Manning and Irsay about extending that deadline. In fact, it would make no sense to me for Manning to agree to that. Why give up the opportunity to talk to other teams?

"One team to watch? The Arizona Cardinals. They can get out of the Kevin Kolb contract and also Ken Whisenhunt's been down this road before. A veteran quarterback coming in at the end of his career? Kurt Warner."

Who knows if Casserly is just throwing stuff against the wall and making it stick, but Manning and the Cardinals does have some charm. He'd have a go-to receiver in Larry Fitzgerald and a pretty balanced offense with good weapons.

That being said, it looks like the Cardinals might be committing to Kolb and aren't terribly interested in pursuing Peyton. Yet.

Have heard nothing about P. Manning possibly coming to AZ. I have heard Cardinals plan to pay $7 m bonus this spring.
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