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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Could Pursue Luke Kuechly

The Arizona Cardinals have a lot of things they need to fix up, but one of the big issues is at linebacker. Stewart Bradley flamed out at the position this year, so linebacker is a big position of need, particularly on the inside. The Cardinals might very well go with one of the top linebacker prospects available in the 2012 NFL Draft, Luke Kuechly of the Boston College Eagles.

The Cardinals also have other needs, like offensive tackle. If they can't pick up a top guy in the first round, then they might as well go with a lineman in the third. Brandon Mosley of the Auburn Tigers is the guy the Cardinals picked in this mock draft.

There's a strong possibility that the Cardinals could double dip at offensive tackle in the first few rounds. That's how dire the situation is at that position.

The fourth round pick seems like a reach, but who knows what'll happen this late? The Cardinals are going with a secondary pick here. Another Eagle, Donnie Fletcher is their pick here.

Starter-turned-nickel corner A.J. Jefferson really struggled in 2011, so the Cardinals will think about bringing in some depth at the position.

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