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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Which Position Will The Cardinals Look To Upgrade In Round One?

What players will the Cardinals take a look at in this year's Draft?

The latest SB Nation mock draft is out and Ryan Van Bibber predictably has chosen to project Andrew Luck to go to the Colts with the number one pick. Can't say I think he'll be wrong on that one, though it should get interesting should Luck decide playing behind Peyton Manning for 3+ seasons is not his ideal career path. Regardless, after that first pick, the waters get a little murkier and many things can change between now and Draft day, but Van Bibber has an intriguing prospect projected to the Cardinals. Here's what he said:

13. Arizona Cardinals, Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

Arizona came into their own in the season's second half. Their quarterback questions (again) aside, they could use help on the line. Martin is a big improvement, who helps in pass protection and run blocking. They need an upgrade over Levi Brown who is scheduled to make around $18 million in 2012, including a $9.6 million bonus, the last year of his contract.

I'm not sure if what Van Bibber projects has legs, but it would certainly be an interesting pick for the Cardinals, as they could cut some cap room by dropping Levi Brown's contract and possibly put that money into locking up their impending free agents or even looking around on the market. It's that time of the year when ideas get thrown around, and this is certainly an intriguing one. Will Martin go from the Cardinal to the Cardinals?

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