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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals Select Stanford's David DeCastro

The Arizona Cardinals need plenty of help, but the most glaring need is obviously the offensive line. Kevin Kolb and John Skelton were frequently on their backs during a season of back-and-forth, up-and-down play from the quarterback position on a team with a solid core of receivers that includes the incomparable Larry Fitzgerald.

With that said, SBNation's most recent mock draft has the Cardinals making the very sane selection of Stanford Cardinal offensive guard David DeCastro with the no. 13 overall pick in the upcoming draft. Ryan Van Bibber had this to say about the pick.

"Arizona's expensive new quarterback, Kevin Kolb, was nearly ground into dust playing behind a faulty offensive line. They need tackles as well as interior linemen. DeCastro is the best lineman on the board at this point in the draft. He might be the best interior line prospect since Steve Hutchinson. The Stanford product will instantly upgrade the unit."

Anytime an offensive lineman is put in the same sentence as Steve Hutchinson, it's a great sign. If DeCastro comes close to Hutch's production, he will be a great get at no. 13.