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Letting WR Coach McNulty Go Makes Bringing Todd Haley Back To Arizona Cardinals Easier

The Arizona Cardinals offseason coaching search has been somewhat of a tease. It has been well known that the team would like to bring back Todd Haley to the offensive staff, now that he is unemployed after having been fired as head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. Since Arizona already has an offensive coordinator, he has been holding out for a better job and likely better pay. In that time, Arizona has also reached out to Hue Jackson (recently fired as head coach of the Oakland Raiders) and Bruce Arians (let go as OC of the Pittsburgh Steelers).

However, a completely unrelated event may make bringing back Haley a bit easier. The Cardinals need a QB coach. Haley has not coached QBs, but he has coached receivers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Greg Schiano as their head coach, pulling him away from the head coach job at Rutgers. Arizona Cardinals receivers coach John McNulty knows Schiano well. Before landing the job with the Cardinals, he was Schiano's offensive coordinator and QB coach.

While nothing has happened, there certainly could be the possibility that Schiano would want McNulty on his staff.While the Cardinals would not have to allow McNulty to interview if the situation arose, it actually might make sense.

If McNulty were to interview and take a job in Tampa, that would leave two coaching vacancies -- WR and QB coaches. Haley fits that bill. That would leave the QB coach vacancy for a guy that has actually been a QB coach before -- like Jackson or Arians.

Cardinals fans have been clamoring for Haley ever since his firing from KC. They might even be able get him back in a position that needs some help outside of Larry Fitzgerald.

That potentially could give the Cardinals a very "flashy" staff. Haley was a head coach. If the Cards go with Hue Jackson as QB coach, that makes another former head coach. Russ Grimm is already one of the most respected men in the league. Jackson and Haley are going to be hungry to be head coaches again, so you can bet they will work their tails off to let their work show that they deserve another shot.

Obviously this all highly speculative, as as far as anyone knows, Schiano might not even reach out to McNulty. But if he does, well, we know what the answer should be.

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