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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Arizona Cardinals Pick Mike Adams

The Arizona Cardinals have some fixes they need to put in place to get back to respectability. Arizona has trouble protecting the passer, as both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton have had their struggles partly because they haven't had the time to sit back in the pocket, survey the field, and find their receivers before they get bothered by the pass rush.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation has his latest NFL Mock Draft. Mike Adams of the Ohio St. Buckeyes has become an under-the-target prospect that the Cardinals might go after with the 13th pick in the first round. Bibber explains why below.

I mocked Adams pretty high last week, and nothing got me more hate mail. I can take it. I think his stock will get a big boost this week in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. Arizona needs all kinds of help along their front five.

It'd be interesting if the Cardinals take a chance on a guy like Adams, although he could potentially rise as the offseason drags along.

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