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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Arizona WR Juron Criner To 49ers In First Round

The 2012 NFL Draft is on its way. As the date moves closer, analysis is beginning to heat up. One name that is beginning to pop up more often on the various mock drafts and speculation articles is Juron Criner of the Arizona Wildcats.

The latest mock draft posted at Draft Tek suggests that Criner might be selected at the end of the first round. Specifically, they theorize that the wide receiver will be selected as the No. 31 overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers. Here is what 49ers analyst Tim Hudson has to say:

This week it's Criner to the rescue for the 49er passing woes. Vernon Davis is a great asset, but a WRF on the roster will open passing lanes for Davis and ensure better matchups for the offense. There are those who knock Criner for his lack of straight-ahead speed and weakness off the line against press coverage, but here at DraftTek we see great value in Criner. Going into 2011, Criner was a borderline 1st round pick and managed 75 catches for 956 yards and 11TDs this season despite a 4-8 Arizona record, losing time in the summer with a mystery illness , and suffering an appendectomy in week 2. Criner possesses elite body control and ball awareness, and is a great target for Alex Smith. He recorded play of the week catches twice: This vs UCLA , and this vs Toledo. Combine that with his blocking ability and you've got a complete WRF to stand-out in the 49er corps.

Most analysts agree that the Niners are looking to beef up their depth regarding wideouts. Criner might be the most attractive option left on the board when the No. 31 pick rolls around.

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