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2012 NFL Draft Order: Riley Reiff, Mike Adams May Provide Cardinals With Offensive Line Help

The Arizona Cardinals picked up a win over the Seattle Seahawks in their final game of the 2011 NFL season, but in doing so, they effectively dropped their standing in the 2012 NFL Draft. While the Seahawks could now pick as high as 11th in the Draft, the Cardinals are now locked in to pick 14th.

As Revenge of the Birds recently pointed out, the offensive line needs serious work, notably both offensive tackles. You could add a top wide receiver to their "want" list, but both positions at OT seem to be at the top of the "need" column.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of other teams also in need of O-line help, many of which are picking ahead of the Cardinals. It's a near certainty that the top OT players in the draft, Jonathan Martin of Stanford and Matt Kalil of USC, will be long gone by the time the Cardinals pick rolls around. There is a very slight chance that Riley Reiff of Iowa will still be on the market for the 14th pick, but Ohio State's Mike Adams might be their best option when turn comes.

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