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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Left Tackle Projected to Cardinals

Excellent draft site published their most recent mock draft on Monday and like many around the web right now, mocked an offensive tackle to the Cardinals. Ryan Lownes has this to say on Arizona's mock selection:

Jonathan Martin - OT - Stanford* - Whether or not the team won more games than many expected, the first year of the Kevin Kolb experiment in Arizona has to be considered a massive failure. To protect their huge investment, expect the Cardinals to address their struggling offensive line sooner rather than later. Martin is an exceptional athlete for the left tackle position and is among this class' most proficient pass-blockers.

It's becoming a common theme for analysts to project a left tackle to the Cardinals in the first round and Jonathan Martin is one of the usual suspects. As a result, the Stanford product is likely to become a household name for fans in the next few months in the run up to Draft day.

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