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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Will Cardinals Look At Inside Linebacker In the First Round?

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber released his latest mock draft Tuesday and projected that the Cardinals would select an intriguing inside linebacker named Luke Kuechly at the thirteenth spot. Here's what Van Bibber had this to say:

13. Arizona Cardinals, Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College

Arizona has bits and pieces here and there on their defensive roster. What they lack is a linchpin inside linebacker. Stewart Bradley was not that guy; Kuechly is. In a year or two, he could rival Patrick Willis and James Laurinaitis for the best inside linebacker in the NFC West.

Extremely high praise for the Boston College project who, according to the scouting I've seen, lacks elite speed but has extremely rare instincts and solid tackling ability. When he declared, there was a nearly a nearly consensus opinion that he'd be a first round pick and a great outpouring of praise for Kuechly, so this doesn't appear to be a reach for Arizona.

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