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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Cardinals May Target Ohio State OT Mike Adams

The 2012 NFL Draft is coming up in short order, but every week brings more wrinkles, more options and more possibilities. One of the pressing needs for the Arizona Cardinals is shoring up their offensive line for greater pass protection and blocking. One of the targets for the Cardinals may be left offensive tackle Mike Adams, formerly of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here's what mock draft website Draft Tek has to say:

Arizona left tackle Levi Brown gave up 40 QB pressures and 11 sacks this year. That was good enough to be fourth most in pressures and third most in sacks. Right tackle Brandon Keith fared a little better, giving up five sacks and 24 pressures which put him 31st and 37th in the league, respectively. Offensive tackle is far and away the biggest need for the Cardinals, who need to protect either Kevin Kolb or John Skelton, whichever wins the starting job. Mike Adams is the top senior tackle in this class. Adams was a highly recruited player that really came into his own as a junior. After missing the first five games this year due to his involvement in tattoo-gate, Adams picked up right where he left off as a junior and really showed why he was such a highly regarded recruit. Adams has great size and athleticism and projects well to the left side.

The stats regarding Levi Brown certainly put a harsh light on the offensive line's desperate need for improvement in the coming year. For shoring up the line, especially considering the positioning of the Cardinals in the first round, they could certainly do worse than Adams.

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