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Mel Kiper Re-Grades Arizona Cardinals 2011 NFL Draft, High Praise For Patrick Peterson

The Arizona Cardinals were in desperate need of a running back in this class, and they took Ryan Williams of the Virginia Tech Hokies in hopes that he could come in and be their mainstay back without any drop-off in production. That didn't turn out so well, as Williams went down to injury before the season started and never really made an impact.

Still, this draft went pretty well because Patrick Peterson was a part of it. Hard to call a draft class a failure if you have a guy like Peterson being your marquee pick. Getting guys like Sam Acho and David Carter atoned for the unproductive of Rob Housler and the injured Williams.

Mel Kiper of ESPN took a look back at his outlook on how the Cardinals performed in the draft (B-). They ended up with a B afterward, as Peterson's overwhelming success drove his draft grade up. If you have an ESPN insider account, you can read Kiper's overall assessment here.

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