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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Luke Kuechly Main Target Of Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are going to have to take a look at whether they should take the best possible prospect on the board or the player that fills the position of need. They might get lucky enough to find someone who can fit both of those categories.

Ryan Van Bibber has the Cardinals targeting Kuechly in his latest mock draft at SB Nation, and he explains why he would make the perfect fit in Glendale.

Ray Horton's defense played over their heads this year. Drafting Kuechly gives them a crucial pivot in the middle of their defense, making life harder for Marshawn Lynch when they see him twice a year. The BC standout won a bucket of awards, including the Butkus Award for the top college linebacker, thanks in part of a gaudy average of almost 16 tackles per game.

The Cardinals definitely do have trouble in the middle of their defense and could always use a gamechanger at the position. Kuechly could fit that, and make Arizona a defense that'll be tough for any team to deal with in the upcoming years. Arizona still has plenty of options to choose from though.

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