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2012 NFL Draft Order: Arizona Cardinals Will Pick 13th

The Arizona Cardinals might've finished their season at 8-8, but they did end up probably losing ground in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Cardinals would've been 11th in the draft order if they had lost to the Seattle Seahawks, but the win will push them down a couple of spots to 13th, Mike Sando of the NFC West Blog reports. At 7-9, Arizona would've been in a tie with the Kansas City Chiefs, but would've lost all tie-breakers and would've thus ended up 11th. Seattle's loss knocks them into a tie with Kansas City in all categories, and the Seahawks and Chiefs will have to go a coin flip to deciding who gets it.

At 8-8, Arizona apparently loses all tiebreakers with all the other NFL teams standing at 8-8, so they will finish at 13th and still have a great shot at landing a premier talent.

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