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Larry Fitzgerald Spitting Up Blood On Sidelines, X-Rays Negative

Larry Fitzgerald makes incredible plays so often that his teammates have come to expect it. Asked about another set of great catches he made in Sunday's win over the Seahawks, a common refrain was, "You should see what he does in practice."

Making this Sunday's performance from Fitzgerald all the more notable was the report after the game (and after Larry had finished his press appearance) that he played with a chest or lung injury and was spitting up blood on the sidelines.

The report first came from Larry Fitzgerald Sr., who works for the Minnesota Spokesman Recorder and attends all Cardinals games as a member of the media.

The Cardinals confirmed an injury but said there was no MRI scheduled as of yet and the x-rays were negative for broken ribs or punctured lung.

Fitzgerald didn't make any mention of the injury during his press conference. The Cardinals will hold their final media availability of the season on Monday. More information should be available at that time.

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