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Beanie Wells Injury Update: 'Feels Good, Looks Good'

Things are looking up for Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells who missed last Sunday's game against Seattle due to a hamstring injury. Wells practiced more on Thursday and according to coach Ken Whisenhunt, he was able to "open it up" a bit and didn't suffer any setbacks.

"Beanie's better. I expect Beanie to participate a lot more in practice tomorrow. We'll get him some actual reps and provided it goes well we're optimistic he'll have a chance to play Sunday," Whisenhunt said.

Wells was smiling and in a jovial mood when he answered questions about the left hamstring which he said he initially injured during the Redskins game and then aggravated in practice a few days later. 

Wells had never had a hamstring injury before and was frustrated by this one.

"It sucks, but there's nothing you can do about it. It's a hamstring. It's not like I could have avoided it in any type of way," he said.

Beanie admitted it was in his mind a bit today but after loosening up and getting warm it felt fine, "Feels good, looks good (for Sunday)."

In the actual game setting, he feels it will be even less of a mental issue, "You don't think about anything. I think it will probably help it feel better because once the game is started your adrenaline is going so much and pumping and flowing, you don't  think about anything."

Wells is tied for sixth in the NFL with 5.7 yards per carry and has a total of 183 yards in two games.