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Kevin Kolb Thinks He “Took A Step Back” In Seattle, Looks To Rebound Against Giants

The Arizona Cardinals are 1-2 on the young season, coming off of last weekend's disappointing 13-10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. A combination of errors and bad luck sunk the Cardinals, and quarterback Kevin Kolb acknowledges that. 

"You want to keep moving forward. You don't ever want to take a step back. That game, probably took a step back," Kold told the media on Wednesday.

Kolb threw for a respectable 252 yards on 25-of-39 passing during the game, but had only one touchdown and two interceptions. He averaged 6.5 yards-per-completion, a number that will have to rise in order for the Cardinals to be successful.

The Cardinals brought Kolb to the dessert this past offseason with high hopes, but he's been a mixed bag so far. He is certainly better than the quarterback carousel that Arizona fielded last year, but he has been inconsistent and has only delivered one win in his first three starts.

Kolb knows that he can change things with a win at home against the New York Giants this weekend. In Kolb's words: "Put your nose down and start grinding, that's all you can do." Those are some smart words by the new quarterback. He has a short memory, which should serve him well.

Kolb has started feeling out the professional game as a full-time starter over the past three week, and will be a work in progress for much of this season. It's important to understand this, but every week that passes now will become more and more crucial in determining just how far Kolb can take his team.

The Cardinals need him to perform if they want to make a run at the NFC West title this season, and he will get a chance to step forward after last week's bad outing at home against the Giants.

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