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Cardinals Vs. Giants: Beanie Wells Injury Update; Kolb Needs Bounce Back

The Arizona Cardinals hope to avoid a 1-3 start to the season when they host the New York Giants on Sunday in a big Week 4 game for both teams. The Giants are 2-1 coming into the game with wins over the Eagles and Rams.

The Arizona Cardinals have a tall task ahead of them to avoid starting the season 1-3. In fact, you might call it a Giant task if you are into really cheesy metaphors. New York is coming to town fresh off a big win over their division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles and have a 2-1 record so far in the 2011 NFL Season.

New York is a physical team that's done well in their division for years according to Arizona's head coach Ken Whisenhunt, and their ability to get pressure on the quarterback is definitely on the minds of the Cardinals.

"You got to make sure you really are buttoned up in your protection and do a good job mixing your passes so you can get some out quick to compensate for that," Whiz said.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb was highly critical of his performance in the Week 3 loss to Seattle calling his performance a set back, "You want to keep moving forward. You don't ever want to take a step back. That game, probably took a step back."

Whisenhunt thought is was only set back based on the high expectations placed on Kolb. While he agreed that the young quarterback made mistakes, he's confident that Kevin will continue to grow and improve with time.

Hopefully, not too much time.

Beanie Wells injury update

Beanie Wells was held out of Sunday's game in Seattle so he would be ready to play this week against the Giants. They didn't want to aggravate his hamstring injury and create a situation where he would be struggling with it for several weeks.

Wells "did a little" in practice on Wednesday according to Whisenhunt. He'll do more as week progresses. If there are no setbacks, "hopefully" he will be ready for Sunday.