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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: SB Nation, CBS And ESPN Agree On Packers Then It's Chaos

There's only one thing the entire NFL power ranking world can agree on for Week 4, the Green Bay Packers are the best team in football. From there, it's a mess and understandably so. The New England Patriots dropped a game to the Buffalo Bills which caused some (us and CBS) while others had them as low as seventh. SB has the Ravens second (huh?) while ESPN is on the Saints bandwagon.

As we see it, three weeks into the NFL season there's a lot more questions than answers. Teams are working to plug holes while opponents now have enough film to find and expose even more. It's a never ending finger in the dike kind of cycle and the water is winning.

The good news is that two out of three power rankings agree that the Kansas City Chiefs are the worst team in the National Football League and the one that doesn't is written by a guy from Kansas City (we forgive him).

As for the Cardinals, the national power ranking rankers have them at either 23 or 24 while we had them at 21. (We're homers too!)

The Cardinals power ranking comment of the week goes to SB Nation's Joel Thorman who said:

You can't lose to the Seahawks. You just can't.

We couldn't agree more.