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Clark Haggans on NFL Suspension List For Undisclosed Reason

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Clark Haggans is known throughout the league as a good guy who doesn't get into much trouble. So when he finds himself on list of players that are facing possible suspension from the NFL due to actions undertaken during the lockout this summer, it leaves Haggans (and the rest of us) scratching their heads.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reports that Haggans joins the likes of Albert Haynesworth, Cedric Benson, Pac-man Jones, Aqib Talib, Kenny Britt and others on a possible suspension list for things they did during the lockout, though it is completely uncertain just where and what Haggans did to deserve this treatment. It's like, as Carter Nacke of Arizona Sports put it, "you're wife yelling at you for doing something wrong, but you have no idea what you did." 

All of these players on this list have a history of violating the personal code of conduct policy set forth by the NFL, except for Haggans. Haggans also is the only player on this list not to have a reason stated for being for on this list, though Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic spoke to his agent, Jeff Sperback, who stated Haggans got a speeding ticket in Las Vegas during the offseason when he apparently had to rush from a concert to an undisclosed family emergency. If this is what the NFL is looking at, it seems they may be being a bit ticky tacky with their suspensions. 

The NFL has no timetable to announce when a possible suspension make occur, but with the state of the Cardinals defense right now, losing a guy like Haggans for any period of time could be very detrimental.