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Cardinals Vs. Seahawks: Whisenhunt Wants To Run More Too But...

The Arizona Cardinals came back from their Tuesday off day to begin preparation for the Week 3 division meeting with the Seattle Seahawks. Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he's excited for the opportunity.

"We know it's going to be a tough road going into Seattle and playing there. it always is and that's a credit to their fans and their organization," He said.

The big topic of the day was the number of carries running back Beanie Wells is getting. We already heard from Kevin Kolb that he would like to see Wells run the ball more. Whisenhunt admitted Wednesday he's also getting a lot of calls and emails questioning why Wells (who's seventh in the NFL at 5.7 yards per carry) isn't getting the ball more.

"When we do a New England on somebody and put up 600 yards of offense then maybe you won't (see those questions)," Whisenhunt said.

He added, "Every game is different. Would we have liked to have got Beanie more carriers when he's averaging his yards per carry? Yes. But there's other things that are going on that fall into it that you have to take into consideration."

Whisenhunt said he's happy with the way the offensive line, tight ends and even wide receivers are blocking in the run game and he's pleased with the progress Wells is making pushing the pile and turning one and two yard runs into five and six yard runs. Whiz is even happy with the job Well's is doing in protection, but...

"We've got to get a little better at running it when teams know we are going to run. We've got to be smarter about how we attack them in other ways. We had opportunities in that (Redskins) game and we didn't execute," Whisenhunt said without really explaining what he meant.

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