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NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: SB Nation, ESPN And CBS All Agree On Top 3; Cardinals Dip

We shared our NFL Week 3 power rankings and now it's time to look what the other experts from around the country have to say. We will look at the SB Nation, ESPN and CBS power rankings after two weeks of NFL action in the 2011-12 season.

Two games isn't a ton of evidence to build from but we do start to see a clear picture emerge at the very top and very bottom of the rankings. All three of the national power rankings we looked at agree that the top three NFL teams going into Week 3 are the Green Bay Packers (1), New England Patriots (2) and New York Jets (3). We don't agree.

We put the Patriots over the Packers based on strength of schedule. The Pats dismantled a good Chargers team while the Packers had a bit more trouble with the Saints. Both teams beat their lesser opponents so far but both also gave up big yards proving that defense is indeed behind offense early in this season.

We put the Jets beneath the Saints and Eagles because they are the Jets. They are only 2-0 because of a bunch of fluke plays and mistakes by the Cowboys and their other win came against a very bad Jacksonville team. We just don't see them as any better than last year's Jets and they could be worse.

The national power rankings all gave the Arizona Cardinals a hit for losing to the Redskins but there's not a huge drop. They seem to all respect the quality of the Redskins team and how close the game was. SB Nation puts the Cardinals at 21 (LW, 17) while ESPN has them at 19 (LW, 16) and CBS at 17 (LW, 16).

ESPN's comment about the Cardinals is typical:

The Cardinals have allowed 932 yards in two games, the most since at least 1940. (Sando)

It's worth noting that the Cardinals defense has allowed fewer yards than the top ranked Patriots and Packers and fewer points as well. In face, the Arizona defense ranks 13th in points allowed and, coincidentally, 13th in points scored.

The Cardinals are the highest ranked team in the NFC West division, a couple places ahead of the 1-1 San Francisco 49ers and well ahead of the 0-2 St. Louis Rams everyone picked to win the division. The Seattle Seahawks are at or near the bottom of this week's power rankings. They are also the Cardinals next opponent.